Where are you based?

I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand. I was born in the UK, but my parents emigrated here when I was a baby. We moved back and forth a few times, so I have had some childhood experience in the UK, that I am as fond of as my memories here. But I love Auckland's proximity to beaches. 

What's your background?

My background is as a copywriter in advertising, but I've always wanted to write inspiring books. I am passionate about self-development and, following my experience with prenatal depression I trained as a mindfulness teacher for both adults and children. I wanted to spread mindfulness after it transformed my wellbeing. 

Ultimately, I am a mum, that wants to be my best for my family and myself. I will always be learning and growing and love to share 'life lessons' with readers of my blogs and book. I have done courses in positive parenting and conscious parenting and am making my way through a positive neuroplasticity course in my spare time (not that I have much of that!). Understanding the human brain as a way to unleashing its potential fascinates me. What we think, we become. ❤

Why is your international shipping expensive?

My shipping fees are the best I've been able to negotiate as a small, home-based business. New Zealand is a tiny island at the bottom of the world, far away from other countries. If you think our shipping is expensive, you should see the cost of food and property. 🤦‍♀️ I'm truly sorry it's pricy, but to keep costs as low as possible I am not charging a handling fee on my shipping. 

What is your book packaging?

I opted for a recycled corrugated cardboard solution, so the book will reach you in perfect condition, so long as it is kept dry.  Although plastic bubble bags were  a little cheaper, we only have one planet and our children will inherit it. 🌏 I may have to use plastic bags for overseas shipping, but will see. 

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