About Sassy Mama

I'm Je t'aime.

If you often feel as though you're buckling under the weight of the 'to-do list' that comes with parenting, you're not alone. And if the endless life admin sometimes gets in the way of your joy, 
I see you. 

I haven't got all the answers, but after being told countless times, 'I don't know how you do it' and 'You're a wonderwoman' (I'm really not - and don't love the expectation that mums should be, but that's another story), I decided to try to help other busy mums navigate 'the motherload' using my skills learned as a mindfulness teacher and my passion for mindset and neuro-change. 

When I realised that I was responding to my children's tantrums with my own tantrum of sorts, I decided to do better and came up with a conscious communication approach to navigating meltdowns. It helped so much and I wanted to share it with other mums, so they could pass these skills onto their little ones too. That's why I created my book, The Little Tiger with the Big Temper. I hope you love it. 

I don't have everything ready for you yet (things take time when you're a SAHM!), but there is more to come, so please stay in touch.

Mamas, we're in this together.

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