Suzy Cato Reads The Little Tiger with the Big Temper

I am SO delighted to announce that the legendary Suzy Cato has filmed a read-aloud of The Little Tiger with the Big Temper. This is so special for me. ❤

Suzy Cato reads The Little Tiger with the Big Temper
Naturally, this is the one-and-only Suzy Cato, so she does an incredible job and I love that she read it differently to how I read it. I usually get the kids to practice along with the characters in the book. She did a little belly breathing practice at the end. Either way, it works. The key with mindfulness practice is to 'practice' it. 

So, if you're interested to take a look at her reading of The Little Tiger with the Big Temper, you can visit Suzy's Book Corner on YouTube. 

You can also take a look at my read-aloud too. I've done it in a more conversational way to demonstrate how we can get kids talking about emotions, s well as how they feel in the body as a way to recognise them. However you choose to read the book - as a straight story, or more of a discussion opportunity, I hope that you love it. ☺

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